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KRA Series Race #6, Race #7 Double Header - Saturday June 22nd, Sunday June 23rd

KRA Series Race #8 - Sunday July 7th

New Castle Motorsports Park and Kart Racers of America News

Archive September 07 thru May 08

5/21/08 - The next KRA Series race on June 7th, 8th (Double Header weekend) will be a backwards race. We will run 3 rounds of practice Saturday and on Sunday we will run two rounds of practice to speed up the day. We will run a different backwards layout both days.

5/19/08 - Wagner Race Products will be giving away $500 to the driver that leads the most laps in the 2008 Ironman race!

The top 4 qualifiers for the Ironman will compete head to head in a double elimination Wagner Race Products RS1000 Race Simulator race with the winner receiving $200, 2nd $100, 3rd $75 and 4th $50.

5/13/08 - If you plan on running the STARS of Karting race at NCMP at the end of the month make sure you visit the STARS website and get your entry fee and tire voucher form in by Friday to avoid higher fees.

5/12/08 - Sunday's KRA race was cancelled due to the bad weather yesterday and we thank everyone for their understanding. Hopefully this coming weekend will be sunny and 70 for the 5th round of the KRA series! We are rolling all entries over from yesterday over to this coming weekends KRA series race. If you require a refund or plan on not running this coming weekend please call the track. The online entry form is up and running on the website if you wish to preenter online.

The makeup day for Round 4 of the KRA Series will be on Satuday October 4th with the season finale for KRA on Sunday October 5th. The final updated 2008 NCMP schedule is available for download online.

4/30/08 - NCMP will have live scoring available on anyones laptop with a wireless card and close enough to scoring to pick up the live feed. See the FAQ page for information to setup your own laptop to receive live scoring! Live scoring will only be available at races where NCMP provides the scoring equipment like KRA races, Ironman 150, Mazda Robopong 200 and even this weekends Midwest Sprint Series Race!

4/25/08 - This weekends KRA race will be ran on the STARS layout with the cell tower loop which is also the layout for next weekends WKA Midwest Sprint Series. So if you're looking for some practice laps for next weekends race NCMP is the place!

4/22/08 - With the NFL schedule finally out we have set the date for the 2008 Mazda Robopong 200 Presented by Bridgestone for September 26th, 27th and 28th. Friday will be official practice for all Endurance teams, Saturday will feature qualifying and the last chance race the 2008 Endurance race taking place on Sunday. For additional information on the race and to enter online please follow this link.

Tough raceday conditions plagued the 2nd round of the KRA Series with morning rain turning into occasional mist and sprinkles during the day that caused havoc for those on track at the time. The rescheduled senior and junior classes that didn't make it on track Sunday will take place this coming Sunday before the start of Sunday's 3rd round of the KRA Series. We are looking into a possible weather control device but until we find a device that actually works we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. The online entry form is up and running on the website if you wish to preenter online.

4/14/08 - Starting with the 2nd round of the KRA Series April 20th (this coming weekend), the race rotation will be changed to help speed up the racedays activities for the Junior and Senior classes. We will be moving the kid kart class to the last event of the day. I'm sure this will seem unfair to the kid kart participants but the fact is we have approximately 140 racers that qualify at 10:30am and then wait until 5pm to race, some of which travel hundreds of miles. This schedule change should allow these racers to be finished no later than 3:30 in the afternoon. Obviously weather plays a part in how timely things take place but this change will be fair to the majority of the karters. We suggest that all Kid Kart participants be registered no later than 3pm in order for Timing and Scoring to be ready for your event. Following the TaG USA Senior class we will have a 15 minute corner worker break. This was the time when we would run the kid kart race and would take around 1 hour and 20 minutes, this should be a positive change for kid karts since we will not have to rush the kid kart program, it will also be easier to split the class into a fast group and slower group if needed to keep the racing as safe as possible.

4/12/08 - The 2nd round of the KRA Series on April 20th will be racing on a section of the new track along with the original track. Practice on this layout will only be available on race morning. In the event of rain the new section will not be used.

4/10/08 - The Route 66 Race at NCMP for this weekend has been cancelled due to weather with temperature highs only in the 40's with snow showers possible. Route 66 will be rescheduling their race with a date announced soon. Track will be open on Saturday for practice and rentals from 10am to 5pm and will be closed on Sunday.

4/7/08 - A warm sunny day greeted karters at NCMP Sunday for the first race of the 2008 Kart Racers of America karting series. The KRA will be off this coming weekend with the Route 66 Kart Series on track this weekend. Route 66 will have practice and qualifying on Saturday and racing on Sunday. See their website for additional information. Results from this weekends KRA Series race is online.

3/31/08 - The online entry form is up and running on the website if you wish to preenter online. You can also preenter by fax for the April 6th KRA Series race, please fill out this form and fax it to the track at 765-987-8419, please don't forget to include your credit card number and expiration date on the form.

The KRA will be adding Briggs Animal to the classes available in 2008. This class will run at the same time as the Briggs Senior Heavy class, both classes will be scored seperate and only Animals will be allowed in the Animal class and Flatheads only in the Flatheads class, the weight for both is 365 lbs.

3/11/08 - All TaG classes for KRA will run under WKA Engine rules in 2008. We will continue to have the weight split between the Leopard and the Rok TT. If anyone has a "STARS" legal Rok TT that they want to run at a club race they can run in the Unlimited class, the same option is available for anyone with an ICA as well.

3/7/08 - NCMP will reopen for practice and rentals on Saturday March 15th but will be closed for practice and rentals on Sunday March 16th due to a corporate event that had to be rescheduled from this weekend, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The paved oval is not available for practice until later this season.

1/23/08 - At the recent Florida Winter Tour race in Homestead, the Rok TT engine dominated TaG class. This has now caused STARS of Karting to suspend indefinately the Spec Racer class, rumor is they will be going to one engine make for 08'. In response to all the questions and concerns KRA/NCMP wants to let all members know that we will start the Rok TT at a 15lb. split between the Rok TT and Leopard engine with the Rok TT weighing more. If this difference turns out to be inadequate we will continue to add weight until the engines are equal in performance based on results. This rule it to protect the hundreds of karters who have invested in the Leopard engine.

1/14/08 - Dee Dale who works at the Racers Grill at NCMP for the past 3 seasons suffered a brain aneurysm on January 3rd. She is currently at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis recovering. There has been a website setup with updated information and news about Dee's recovery, the link is here and click on "My Story".

The 2008 NCMP/KRA Schedule is online.

12/21/07 - To clarify the addition of 20 lbs. of weight for front brakes, if you are supposed to weigh 385 lbs. minimum in the class, you have to weigh 405 lbs. minimum only if you put on front brakes in that class.

12/19/07 - The issue of Front Wheel Brakes has recently become a topic of discussion in sprint racing. The logic has become it is a safety issue in the event of a rear brake failure, as a secondary system to help slow the kart. There is no doubt that front wheel brakes will give the kart a clear performance advantage. The decision of KRA will be as follows, any single speed class in KRA will be allowed front wheel brakes, but in an attempt to keep this advantage on a level playing field this will require an additional 20 lbs. of weight to the kart. However, if you choose to run a dual system on the rear axle, whether it be two master cylinders with two calipers with a single brake rotor or two brake rotors, there will be no weight adjustment due to the fact that a double rear system would have the same amount of contact patch being stopped.

The 2008 NCMP/KRA schedule is close to being finalized. KRA will be a 14 race series with 3 drops, this will allow racers to miss up to 3 races without having to give up a race.

11/14/07 - The 2007 KRA Series banquet forms have been mailed. You can also print them off of the website as well as the 2008 KRA Membership form.

Banquet RSVP
2008 Membership

The 2007 Mazda RoboPong 200 Presented by Bridgestone is currently scheduled to be shown on SpeedTV on December 2nd at 1pm EST.

SpeedTV Currently scheduled showings, All times EST -

Sunday  December  2nd  1pm
Friday  December  7th  2pm
Saturday  December  22nd  6pm
Saturday  December  29th  4pm
Friday  January  4th  3pm

11/3/07 - Don't let the water in your TaG kart freeze in your garage! NCMP can winterize your TaG kart so you don't have a bad surprise come spring. Call NCMP and we can take care of your kart or karts.

10/19/07 - The 2007 KRA Series banquet will be on Saturday, December 1st. We will post more information and forms soon.

10/15/07 - The 2007 Mazda Robopong 200 Presented by Bridgestone is in the books! Congratulations to the First Kart USA team of Chris Larson and Tony Loniewski who not only took the 200 win but also qualified on pole and led the most laps. They took home $5750.00 in total with $750.00 from Thank you to all the sponsors, teams, drivers, fans and volunteers that make this event happen! We are already planning for the 2008 Mazda Robopong 200 Presented by Bridgestone and plan on an even bigger and better event!

2007 Mazda Robopong 200 Presented by Bridgestone - Media Links

David Lee Photo

Imageworks Photos

10/11/07 - An update on the fuel tank size restrictions. If you have a tank that measures over 9 liters you can fill the tanks space up with golf balls (or something similar that won't dissolve in fuel) to take up room so you don't have to buy a new tank. We will have an "official maximum fuel tank" that you can use to put fuel in and then pour the contents into your tank to see if you are legal. All tanks must have the same or less volume as the official tank to be deemed legal.

10/9/07 - We measured some fuel tanks to make sure they fit the 9 liter tank maximum rule. We could only measure fuel tanks we had access to but hopefully this will help endurance teams decide if their tank is legal or not. Please remember all these tanks were brand new, so if you have a tank that is legal on this list it does not mean YOUR tank is legal if it has been manipulated! The fuel tank has to be OEM and not modified in an attempt to stretch the tank. The photo is available here.

Friday October 12th is practice for RoboPong participants only, no rentals or open practice.

10/3/07 - The schedule for the 2007 Mazda Robopong 200 Presented by Bridgestone is now available. It is a PDF and can be downloaded here.

On Sunday October 14th before the Endurance race we will have the "Motostrano Supermoto Exhibition brought to you by National Pro and Regional Riders". If you have a Motard and are interested in running in the event, please contact to RSVP your ride in the Supermoto race.

10/2/07 - Thanks to for putting up $500 for the 2007 Mazda Robopong 200 Presented by Bridgestone Pole Award. is also paying out $250 to the team that leads the most race laps and $250 for the team that has the fastest race lap. will be airing the entire 2007 Mazda Robopong 200 Presented by Bridgestone live on their website!

We have made a PDF file that we will passout to all teams in the 2007 Mazda Robopong 200 Presented by Bridgestone. This sheet has all of the rules that are specific to the endurance race. Make sure you read the rules and understand them all. Download it here.

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