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Archive April through September

9/28/05 - TaG USA has posted more information about next week's TaG World Championships at NCMP. Entry Form available here.

9/26/05 - Results from Sunday's KRA Series Finale are online. Points will be posted later this week.

9/21/05 - Points from Round 13 are now updated. We will be running the track the standard direction with the inner loop by the cell tower and the monza for the KRA Series Finale.

9/19/05 - This Sundays KRA Series race is the FINAL round of the 2005 season! We hope to see everyone out for the last KRA race of 2005! Don't forget we also have the First Ever TaG World Championship race October 6th-9th and our final event of the year the very popular 200 Mile Yamaha/TaG Endurance race Saturday October 22nd!

9/9/05 - Points from Round 12 of the KRA Series are now updated.

9/5/05 - Results from Saturday's KRA Series event are now online. Only Two Rounds of the KRA series are left!

8/24/05 - The track for Saturday's KRA Series Race will be ran the standard direction.

8/24/05 - The results from the 11th Round of the KRA Series are available online. Points are also updated.

8/19/05 - Points from Round 10 of the KRA Series are now updated.

8/16/05 - Running NCMP backwards was well received by all the racers with close, exciting racing! This weekends track will be back to the standard direction. We are looking to bring the backwards track back on September 3rd. Results from this weekend's KRA Series event are online. Click Here to Enter KRA Races Online!

8/10/05 - NCMP is the home of the First Ever TaG World Championships October 6th-9th. The PDF Entry Form is available online. Also don't forget about the 2005 NCMP TaG/Yamaha Enduro race October 22nd!

8/9/05 - The KRA Series will be running this Sunday with an all new configuration - backwards! The track will be ran clockwise for this weekends KRA Series Race. NCMP will not run the track backwards until Saturday. The backwards track will be available to practice on Saturday starting at 10am. The Saturday practice will be structured with a schedule available Saturday morning at NCMP. We hope to see everyone there this weekend for an exciting race! Click Here to Enter KRA Races Online!

After changing weights around in the TaG Senior class a 45 lb spread between Sonik and Leopard seems to work very well. The weight for the Leopard was to low for some drivers to make however so the weights have been brought up some to make it easier for average size drivers to make weight with the Leopard. Please see the very bottom of the CLASSES page for a complete weight chart.

8/4/05 - A huge Thank You to all the competitors and spectators who made it out to the Race for Riley's Children Hospital on Wednesday. By all accounts this looked to be a bigger event than last years race with John Andretti, Sarah Fisher, Ricky Rudd, Tony Stewart signing autographs as well as the National Guard landing a Blackhawk helicoptor on site and bringing out a rock climbing wall. WIBC was on hand doing a live broadcast from 4pm to 7pm.

The racing in the Pro Karting classes was excellent with a great turnout in all classes with the largest being TaG with 25 entries! Plans are already being made for the Race for Riley 2006! Results are available online.

7/20/05 - Because of the continuing Dunlop shortage Briggs Junior Senior classes are allowed to run any Dunlop or Bridgestone/Firestone tire. Also any Junior two cycle classes that are SL4 tires can run YHC tires of the same size in the place of the SL4's.

7/19/05 - The July 24th 200 Mile Enduro Race has been cancelled. The October 22nd 200 Mile Enduro Race will remain scheduled. If you want your entry rolled over to the October race please email us or contact Esteina at 317-462-5688 or fax 317-462-2740. The October race will run regardless of entry count and will payback 75% of the entry.

NCMP will be open for open practice and rentals Saturday and Sunday. Kid Kart practice both days from 8am to 10am only, 10am Open Practice and Rentals begin, Track Gates will close at 7pm sharp both days.

7/9/05 - NCMP will host the "Race for Riley" on Wednesday August 3rd. The turnout for the event in 2004 was awesome and this year looks to be even bigger. The event will benefit the Riley's Children Hospital, NASCAR driver John Andretti will race in the charity event in the NCMP corporate karts. You can race against John as well, contact Jason Mueller at 317-634-4474.

NCMP will offer 5 classes as well with a payout to the senior classes and a trophy and merchandise for the junior classes -

Yamaha Junior Sportsman - 250lbs - SL4 or YHC
Yamaha Junior Can - 305lbs - SL4 or YHC
Yamaha Senior Pipe - 350lbs - YHC Only
TaG (Leopard Engines Only, Any Chassis) - 375lbs - YHC Only
125cc Shifter - 385lbs - YHC Only

All Classes will be KRA Rules.

7/6/05 - The July 24th Endurance Race is in jeopardy of being cancelled due to the fact we have only 6 teams entered. There are a lot of people who have said they are going to participate but the fact is we need entries to make this race a reality. A minimum of 22 teams per class will be required. If we fail to reach this number all money will be refunded we will run one or the other class as a stand alone race if we reach 25 teams minimum. Our deadline on making a decision will be July 18th. If you want this race to happen please enter!

Results from Round 8 of the NCMP Series is now online, points will be delayed a few days.

6/30/05 - KRA has had questions about the future of the Junior Yamaha classes, both big and small carb, these classes will be the junior classes for the long term. KRA also hopes that the Cadet Jr 80cc Comer class will also increase in popularity but we would like to see more support of this class. KRA will not be offering a Jr TaG class as it is no more affordable than what is currently running. It also confuses and dilutes what is already a great training ground and does nothing more than create unnecessary expense to people who have invested in Yamahas. We have had large classes in both Yamaha Jr divisions as well as great competition. With all of the various TaG motors causing equality issues in the senior division you can imagine the situation that will soon take place in the Junior TaG class.

6/29/05 - Just under a month remains before the first 200 Lap Enduro Race at NCMP. Entries are picking up and your entry date will determine your pit choice. If you plan on running the Enduro please get your entry in as soon as possible. You can enter online!

Effective Immediately - Due to the lack of support in the Briggs Purple class KRA will only offer Briggs Jr Gold Plate which will be referred to as Junior Briggs. Kids 8 thru 11 will have the option of running Yamaha Jr Sportsman or Cadet Jr Sportsman in KRA. If your driver has 1 year of experience or more and is not of age for gold they may have the opportunity to be evaluated to race in Gold plate with the 12 to 15 year old drivers.

6/28/05 - Despite the highest temps in Indiana since 2003 a great turnout and racing was on hand for Round 7 of the KRA Series. Results from this weekends HOT racing action is online. Round 8 of the KRA Series will take place this Saturday July 2nd! You can enter online!

6/22/05 - This weekend is Round 7 of the KRA Series, halfway! You can enter online!

NCMP will be closed on July 5th and 6th all day. NCMP WILL BE OPEN ON July 3rd and 4th for rentals and open practice!

6/18/05 - TaGUSA has increased weights on the Sonik, Comer, Italsistem and Motori 7 engines. KRA agrees that there needs to be a bigger weight spread between those 4 engines and engines like the Leopard, PRD and Rotax but the addition of weight to the above 4 engines is getting to the point of unsafe and unrealistic. To help bring parity KRA is lowering the weights on some engines (see the classes page). KRA will continue to make adjustments as necessary to make the TaG class competitive regardless of the engine used.

6/14/05 - Last Saturday and Sunday was the first ever KRA Double Header weekend and what a difference 24 hours makes! Saturday was hot and sunny, Sunday was overcast and rain dominated the day. There was lots of great racing on both days and some surprise winners in the rain on Sunday! Results from both races are online. This coming weekend NCMP will be open for open practice and rentals on Saturday and Sunday (see Saturday opening time above) with the KRA Series returning on Sunday June 26th for Round 7, halfway already!

6/9/05 - This weekend will see the return of the 2005 KRA Series with a Saturday/Sunday Double Header! You can enter online!

5/23/05 - The STARS of Karting was in town for their opening round of the Eastern Series with a record turnout! The racing was unbelivable with drivers from all over the USA, Canada, South America and Europe! Results and more are available on STARS website.

This weekend was also the Cindy Wiegand Memorial TaG Race to benefit the American Cancer Society. With 30 entries it was a great event with NCMP's own Mark Dismore Sr. taking the win in front of a large crowd. Mark's win was even more popular (with the 21 and up crowd!) when he announced that $500 of his winnings was going to an open bar at the Racer's Grill with the other $1500 of the winners share and 2nd places share going to the American Cancer Society from Mark Sr., Mark Jr. and TS Racing. A special thanks to Bridgestone Tires, Grand Products, Jim McCulloch Racing for donating a JMR Action Cam to the winner and all the competitors who made this event possible. Results from the TaG race are online.

NCMP is closed Saturday thru Monday May 28th-30th!

5/16/05 - The Midwest Sprint Series WKA Divisional was held at NCMP this weekend with a record turnout despite less than perfect weather. A very wet Saturday morning finally stopped long enough for the track to dry and most finals were held on a dry track. Sunday was cool but dry and the racing was very entertaining with many last lap passes and race long battles for the lead. This weekend the STARS of Karting will run at NCMP. Also the Cindy Wiegand Memorial TaG Race will be held this coming weekend. You do not have to be a STARS competitor to race in the Memorial TaG Race. Results from the MWSS are online.

5/10/05 - Results from Sunday's KRA Series Round 4 are online as well as points updated from Round 4. The KRA Series is on hiatus until June 11th and 12th for a big double header weekend. There are lots of great events coming up at NCMP though! Come on out and see the WKA Midwest Sprint Series this weekend, followed by the STARS of Karting next weekend and SKUSA Great Lakes in three weeks! NCMP will be closed May 28th, 29th and 30th.

5/7/05 - On May 13th to the 15th the WKA Midwest Sprint Series will visit NCMP. The MWSS is a traveling WKA Divisional series with many cross over classes including tires to many KRA Series classes. You can buy a temporary membership to run the MWSS when they run at NCMP. It's a great opportunity for local racers to mix it up with some of kartings best drivers on their home turf! See the MWSS site for more class information.

5/2/05 - Despite threatning skies most of the day, NCMP and the KRA Series stayed high and dry! A great turnout was on hand for round three of the KRA Series. Round 4 will take place Sunday, May 8th. After round 4 NCMP will be hosting the WKA Midwest Sprint Series, STARS of Karting, the Cindy Wiegand Memorial TaG Race and the SKUSA Great Lakes Region before the KRA Series returns for a double header June 11th and 12th. Results from this weekends KRA Series race is online.

Results from the Red Bull Driver Challenge Runoff at NCMP -

1st Jake Claxton 1:26.30
2nd Conor Daly 1:26.33
3rd Billy Lewis 1:26.57

All three drivers will be invited by Red Bull for a trip to Boston for a larger runoff against drivers from all over the USA!

KRA will NOT be using a different layout this weekend. We will go to a different layout starting with the June 11th-12th KRA Series Double Header.

4/29/05 - During the STARS of Karting race weekend (May 20-22) NCMP and Bridgestone Tires will be hosting the Cindy Wiegand Memorial TaG Race with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. Any TaG racers 15 and up can compete and you don't have to be part of the STARS of Karting weekend to race! Based on 30 entries the winner will receive $2000.00! There will be a Driver Calcutta Friday May 20th after TaG Practice as well as an Auction and dinner will be served at NCMP's own Racer's Grill. The TaG feature event will take place Saturday May 21st after the STARS of Karting Features. Complete info and entry information is available here.

NCMP will be hosting two TaG/Yamaha Pipe endurance races in 2005 with $2000 guaranteed for the winning teams in both classes! Last years enduro race was wildly successful with over 30 teams and 70 drivers competing! Preentries are being accepted for the Endurance race and rules are now online.

4/28/05 - The KRA Series will be running a different configuration for the May 8th club race. The track will be setup for practice in that configuration for practice Saturday May 7th. The track configuration is to be determined.

Only 2 days remain for the Red Bull Driver Challenge! If your eligible and haven't ran yet your almost out of time!

There has been a KRA Rules Update for Kid Kart class regarding mufflers.

4/25/05 - KRA will be utilizing the services of John Stults for the next two rounds of the KRA Series May 1st and 8th as our Tech Inspector. John is very knowledgeable and fair. John will be been doing all of SIRA's races in 2005 and has been SIRA's Tech Inspector for sometime. Please communicate with John on any Tech Issues you may have concerning your class. He is very open minded and impartial.

Also, Greg Wright has agreed to assist John Stults with Tech in selected classes at the May 1st KRA Event. Any question or comments can be directed to Greg at 317-293-2999.

A HUGE thank you to Randy Ballinger. Randy has made a very nice EXCEL Spreadsheet for the 2005 Points that will make updating MUCH easier this year. The 2005 KRA Points are now available. We will not be moving members ahead of non-members for points this year, where you finish on track is the points you will receive. We did this to simplify the points process and hopefully make points mistakes far less likely.

Photos from both KRA race weekends are available from David Lee Photography.

4/18/05 - Amazingly nice weather for late-April made a perfect backdrop for Round 2 of the KRA Series and a great turnout and crowd was on hand. Sunday was a smooth day of racing and some great last corner last lap finishes with one winner crossing the line backwards! The KRA Series will take a week off while the SKUSA Great Lakes Series makes it's way to NCMP for two days (Saturday and Sunday) of racing!

Results from Round 2 of the KRA Series is now available.

4/13/05 - A complete Race Report of KRA Series Round 1 is available at

4/11/05 - The KRA Series would like to thank all the teams, competitors and spectators for the great turnout Sunday. All in all the race day went great, unfortunately the red flag in the morning practice held things up for over an hour, we appreciate everyone’s patience . We plan on going to a two round practice in the morning to help end the day earlier as well. Also the KRA Series Safety Tech is yearly so if you ran Sunday your Safety Tech is good for the entire season. Only new karts and competitors need to go through Safety Tech on KRA racedays.

There will be a MANDATORY meeting Sunday April 17th for all Kid Kart Drivers and Parents at 7 am sharp at the head of grid by pit out.

The second round of the KRA Series is this coming Sunday, April 17th. With a little luck the weather will be just as nice as the opening round and we hope to see everyone back again! Results for this weekends race are available online.

Photos from this weekends race are available from David Lee Photography.



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