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Kart Racers of America Supplemental Rules -

Rules Index
Basic KRA Rules
Kart Racers of America Kid Kart Rules
Parilla Leopard, Yamaha KT100 Supplemental Rules
Spec TaG Lite and Heavy Rules

Basic KRA Rules

*All Senior 2 Cycle Classes Must Run 460x5 Fronts and 710x5 Rear Tires (Spec Tire Compounds for Each Class Here)

*All Competitors Must Run the Spec Tire for their class whether they are running for points or not. (Spec Tire Compounds for Each Class Here)

*All 2 Cycle Classes Must Run CIK Approved Front Nose and Driver Panels - No G-Man Style Noses, complete CIK Bodywork is encouraged but not mandatory, flat side panels legal

*Make sure you read any supplemental rules listed for your class on the Classes page

*Airboxes MANDATORY in all Two Cycle and Shifter Classes

*All Briggs Classes Must run RLV Mufflers

*All karts must have the correct numbers on all four corners

*In the event of rain, KRA will race, all classes (except Kid Kart) must run MG Rain Tires. Kid Kart is open rain tires.

*All Lead Weights must be cotter keyed or double nutted and all brakes and steering bolts/nuts must be cotter keyed

*Add 20 lbs to the minimum weight if you are running front brakes in any single speed class (does not include shifter class, no additional weight needed)

*Disqualifications can not be dropped, no shows/non-entries can be dropped.

*Snell 2015 or Better Helmet, Jacket or Suit/Neckcollar/Gloves are Mandatory at all Times

*All MINORS must have MINOR RELEASE on file and signed by Parent/Legal Guardian before they can be allowed to practice or race. NO EXCEPTIONS. (Available at Track)

*Two Cycle Engine Tech and chassis tech (except those noted above or supplemental rules on the class page) for all classes will use the latest SKUSA rulebook (Yamaha uses WKA Rules) - email us for clarification

*Four Cycle Engine Tech and chassis tech (except those noted above or supplemental rules on the class page) for all classes will use the latest Cup Karts rulebook - email us for clarification

*KRA will not use onboard video or photos to decide any protests

*Video Cameras are allowed, video cameras must be mounted to the chassis or the bodywork using bolts and securely in place. Cameras can not be attached to the driver or the helmet. In the event of a flip or contact a helmet mounted camera could cause injury.

Kart Racers of America Kid Kart Rules -

If you need clarification on a rule please contact us.

*Kid Kart Drivers Must Use an SFI Approved Chest Plate at All Times While on Track!

*Gas and Oil Premix Only, Must use NCMP Race Fuel

*No Restrictor Plate

*150 lbs Minimum Kart and Driver

*Max Tire Width 450x5 MG Red Tires, Max Rear Tire Circumference 33"


*The kid kart class is for the enjoyment of the children, we ask that all parents please set a good example for all the kids in the class.

Kid Kart Comer C50, C51, C52 Engine Tech

*Tech Items may be subject to comparison to known stock parts

*Carb - Dellorto SHA 14-12L, .475 No Go Venturi, Jet Sizes Allowed #54 thru #58

*Air Filter is non-tech

*Intake manifold may not be modified

*Intake Gasket must be properly installed, only one gasket allowed, you are allowed to trim intake gasket to match intake port opening

*Cylinder - Head and ports must be stock, NO porting, polishing or metal removal from dome or squish area. Spark Plug hole repair allowed using full thread heli coil or thread insert, it must be full length as intended by the manufacturer

*Spark Plug - OEM reach spark plugs only

*CC Rule - 7.0cc, checked at TDC without head CC insert

*All Bearings non-tech

*Seals - non-tech, must be installed as OEM

*Crank Pin and Wrist Pin must be OEM

*Piston - Skirt length 1.210 minimum as measured from the bottom of bottom ring land to bottom of skirt on intake side of the piston, the top of the piston must remain stock

*Rings - Must run both rings, rings can not fall thru cylinder

*Exhaust - New or Old Style Mufflers allowed, must be unaltered, one exhaust gasket, no cut gaskets, exhaust system must be tight

*Clutch - Must run comer clutch shoes but non tech on size

*Clutch Springs - Non Tech

*Clutch Drum - 10 tooth 219 only

*Rear Axle Sprocket - 89 tooth 219 only

*Coil - Blue or Black Coil - must be unaltered

*Coil Bolts - Must be unaltered

*Flywheel - must be unaltered flywheel key slot must reamin in stock location, no cut or broken fins allowed

*Taping of Flywheel Shroud is allowed

*Flywheel key must be OEM and installed properly, flywheel key slot must remain in stock location

Parilla Leopard and Yamaha KT100 Supplemental Engine Rules

KRA will be implementing new engine tech rules for the Parilla Leopard and Yamaha KT100 in 2013. These new rules will address an ongoing issue with cylinders that have been modified in the port area. Even though this rule may make it necessary for a handful of racers to purchase new cylinders, it will most definately prevent hundreds from ever needing to have modifications done that will cost each racer hundreds per cylinder. This rule change will not impact the majority of racers.

KRA will not be the only series putting "blowdown" rules into effect, as a number of regional and national series are also adopting similar rules. These rules are in place to eliminate any Leopard or Yamaha cylinder from having an advantage over another and puts the emphasis on driving, experience and chassis tuning. KRA may also apply this rule to other engine types in the future if deemed necessary.

Parilla Leopard - Transfers checked with LAD tool - Minimum blowdown .395", Maximum .405".

Exhaust checked with LAD tool - Minimum blowdown .235", Maximum .265" (boost port checked with controlling edge of ring).

To check Transfer Blowdown - Subtract highest exhaust port height from highest transfer port using LAD tool

To check Boost Blowdown - (From TDC) Rotate piston past boost port opening .100", rotate back up until controlling edge of ring closes boost port.

Subtract highest boost port height from highest exhaust port height

*Parilla Leopard must run OEM IAME stock reeds only

Yamaha KT100 - Minimum blowdown .380", maximum .410" as measured with LAD tool

Transponders -

*Transponders will be used in all classes for Qualifying and Racing

*Transponders are available for rent for $16.05

*Transponders and Brackets are available for purchase at NCMP

*If you have your own MyLaps Transponder you are welcome to use it at all KRA Series events, we will also have transponders for sale at all events

*It is the DRIVER'S responsibility, not KRA's, that the transponder is installed correctly and functioning properly on the kart. Failure to do so will result in not being scored during qualifying or races.

Transponders and Holders can also be bought online through Comet Kart Sales



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