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KRA Series Race #6, Race #7 Double Header - Saturday June 22nd, Sunday June 23rd

KRA Series Race #8 - Sunday July 7th

New Castle Motorsports Park and Kart Racers of America News

Archive April thru October

9/26/07 - We will have a vintage kart race on Sunday October 14th before the Mazda RoboPong 200 Presented by Bridgestone. If you have a vintage kart from the 60's or 70's and are interested in competing or just displaying your kart please contact Jeff Brown by email.

9/25/07 - This weekend's WKA Manufacturers Cup race will be aired live on!

If you are going to run the WKA race this weekend at NCMP then you can not practice at NCMP until official WKA practice on Friday.

9/24/07 - Breaking News! The 2007 TaG Endurance race will be televised again this year thanks to Mazda, RoboPong and Bridgestone Tires! A huge thank you to those three companies for believing in this event and karting! The race will also be a ONE HOUR show on SpeedTV this year! All teams should have their karts in great shape for the event so we can show karting at it's best! The race will be called The Mazda RoboPong 200 Presented by Bridgestone!

The 2007 Final KRA Points are online, congratulations to all the 2007 KRA Points Champions!

This weekend is the Manufacturer's Cup Two Cycle Nationals at NCMP! Even if you can't make it out to race you should come out and watch the races, should be a huge event!

9/10/07 - Exciting Announcement! Sunday October 7th NCMP will have a backwards race that will include the entire new section of race track. Starting positions will be determined by the order that the entry is received. We will not have qualifying. All races will be standing starts, we will try to have 4 rounds of practice on Sunday morning. We will not have practice on the new part of the track until Sunday morning so everyone will be on the same footing on the new track layout. Kid Karts will run the standard Kid Kart track layout. This is a non-points race and should be a lot of fun! We will release more details soon! You can enter the race online.

This Sunday is the Season Finale for the 2007 KRA Series! The pre-entry online form for KRA is up and going if you wish to enter online.

9/5/07 - If you are not a WKA Member and are planning on running the Manufacturers Cup Two Cycle Nationals on September 28th-30th, you can sign up for WKA Membership at the track during the National so you do not have to mail anything in before the event.

Comet Kart Sales will be sponsoring a cash payout bonus to the highest placing top 3 Spec TaG's that compete in the 200 Mile Endurance Race of $200.00 each in addition to any prize money earned. For the 200 Mile race Spec TaG's are allowed to change any components that they want, the only part that has to be "Spec TaG" is the frame.

9/3/07 - This weekend is the Midwest Sprint Series WKA Divisional. This is a great tuneup for the WKA Manufacturers Cup race at the end of September! You can get a temporary WKA Membership for the MWSS this weekend at the track. See the MWSS website for more information.

8/28/07 - This Saturday is the 11th of 12 rounds of the 2007 KRA Series.

8/20/07 - Route 66 will be at NCMP this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Visit their website or see the online flier for more information and for this weekends schedule.

Route 66 will have a local option class for KRA TaG drivers with TaG Sportsman this weekend.

8/14/07 - This Saturday the OVKA club series wil be running at NCMP with the KRA Series running round #10 on Sunday. The pre-entry online form for KRA is up and going if you wish to enter online.

8/8/07 - We have posted a mail in or fax in entry form for the TaG Endurance Race. Click here for the PDF. You can also enter online as always.

8/7/07 - The KRA Series will no longer allow a place for junior shifters at the KRA Series races in any class.

8/1/07 - Details on the 2007 TaG Endurance race is coming together with teams already entering online. We have a tentative schedule online as well as the rules page.

7/27/07 - The next KRA Series race on Sunday August 5th will feature the layout for the WKA Manufacturer's Cup race in late September so members can tune up for the much anticipated race coming up. The pre-entry online form is up and going if you wish to enter online.

The TaG World Championships will not be held at NCMP this year. Contact TaG USA for further information.

The date, October 6th and 7th, might be used for a special non-points KRA event with limited classes.

7/26/07 - Thank you to all the competitors and spectators who made it out for the 2007 Race for Riley! This event just keeps getting bigger and better and we thank you all for supporting it. The Race for Riley auction is still running for the next 20 days with lots of cool racing memorabilia available for bid! Click here for details.

Results from the Race for Riley are online.

7/24/07 - The Race for Riley is tomorrow! We have closed online entries, please enter at the track tomorrow morning if you plan on running.

Don't forget to check out the online auction going on for the Race for Riley with lots of racing memorabilia available for bid! Click here for details.

7/23/07 - The 2007 Race for Riley's is this Wednesday! Also don't forget you can sign up to race against NASCAR driver John Andretti on the NCMP Corporate karts, click here for additional info. Tony Stewart will be at NCMP again this Wednesday to sign autographs, please see the Race for Riley's website for details.

There is also an online auction going on for the Race for Riley with lots of racing memorabilia available for bid! Click here for details.

Race for Riley schedule is here.

7/16/07 - The 2007 Race for Riley's is less than a week and a half away! You can preenter online with our form or you can download the PDF and fill it out and send it in. Don't forget, you don't have to have a kart to run in the Race for Riley! Race against NASCAR driver John Andretti on the NCMP Corporate karts, click here for additional info.

7/10/07 - The pre-entry form for the 2007 Race for Riley's Children Hospital is online. This is a great event for a great cause that continues to grow every year, the race will take place Wednesday July 25th. Visit the Race for Riley's website for more information.

This weekend will see the OVKA club series and the KRA series put on a back to back weekend at NCMP. Come on out for two great events! We will be running the "fast track", straight at the cell tower and no monza, this layout is less physical and should help lesson fatigue in the hot conditions.

7/3/07 - NCMP has two garage spaces left for the remainder of the 2007 racing season or for rent on a weekend basis. NCMP also has a multiple renter garage available. Call Mike Adams at the track for more information.

7/2/07 - NCMP will be OPEN on July 4th from 10am to 6pm for open practice and rentals!

6/26/07 - After a few weeks off, the KRA Series returns this Sunday July 1st for Round 7! The pre-entry online form is up and going if you wish to enter online.

6/4/07 - Despite threatning skies and showers in the area, Sunday's KRA Series race went off as a dry event with lots of great and exciting racing on the backwards layout. This weekend will be the 6th round of the KRA Series, the halfway point in the schedule already! We hope to see you out there. You can enter the KRA series race online.

5/31/07 - Sadly we must report that longtime KRA Member and participant Steve Sallee died last night after suffering a heart attack. Steve was a huge fan of karting, he was always talking about racing and karting and loved running in the F200 class. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Sallee family.

The showing will be Sunday from 4pm to 8pm at Flanner Buchanon Funeral Home in Broadripple. The funeral will be Monday at 2pm also at Flanner Buchanon Funeral Home in Broadripple.

Flanner Buchanon Funeral Home
1305 E. Broad Ripple Av.
Indianapolis, IN 46220

5/29/07 - The SIRA kart club will be putting on a backwards race at NCMP on Saturday June 2nd with money races! The KRA Series will run on Sunday June 3rd with the track also running backwards. Come on out for two great karting events! You can enter the KRA series race online.

5/14/07 - This weekend will be the STARS of Karting Series at NCMP. This event features some of the best karters in the country with direct drive class, ICC shifters, juniors and TaG! This is a very unique and exciting event. Come on out and enjoy our free spectator viewing areas, bring a lawn chair!

5/9/07 - We will be having special "STARS Testing Classes" on Saturday and Sunday at the KRA Series race. This will allow ICC and ICA STARS karters to run their YJB tires and test in racing conditions, we will also have a JICA class this weekend. The classes will qualify and race on their own with ICC and ICA on track together, JICA will run on it's own. These classes will not have any awards, it is strickly for test and tune. We will take entries only at the track, no preentries, the class is $50.00 per day. The classes will follow the last KRA races of the day, they will qualify after the last KRA qualifying group as well.

5/7/07 - This weekend brings back the KRA Series with a back to back round this Saturday and Sunday. The pre-entry online form is up and going if you wish to enter online.

5/2/07 - The IKS night race has been cancelled, it was scheduled for this Saturday night May 5th. NCMP will be open all weekend for open practice and rentals.

5/1/07 - With the cancellation of the CIK North American Championship Race, NCMP will be hosting a Double Header Backwards race the weekend of June 2nd and 3rd. Saturday will be the SIRA club with all SIRA classes racing for money, for more information visit SIRA's Website. The Sunday race will be the makeup round of the KRA Series for the cancelled April 7th race due to weather. This race will be on a backwards track as well and will be the first KRA backwards race of the year.

Look for an announcement soon on NCMP's driving school which will be up and running in the next couple weeks. The school will cover driving basics, there will also be an advanced racing school. We will also be offering a chassis tuning school as well. Look for details in late May.

As an update plans are moving forward for the paving of the oval track as well as the small road course and extension. Look for paving to start in June.

Congratulations to Dick Margison the 62 year old grandfather of two on his win Sunday in the KRA Series TaG Sportsman class on April 29th. The class had 28 drivers with some a quarter of Dick's age!

4/24/07 - This weekend come on out to NCMP for an exciting double header weekend of racing with the SIRA kart club on Saturday and the KRA Series on Sunday! You can preenter the KRA Series online.

4/18/07 - The 200 will make it's SpeedTV debut on Saturday May 12th at 2am EDT. The 200 will show at least 4 times total on SpeedTV during the month of May at different times and we will post those dates when we receive them.

For the latest news on Terry Adam's recovery his daughter has setup a website with the latest information. The good news is Terry is doing extremely well considering his injuries he received just under 2 months ago!

4/16/07 - The 2007 CIK Championships race has been cancelled due to a scheduling conflict in Europe. The date for the race was June 1st-3rd, we might be using that date for the KRA makeup race on that Sunday. We will have an announcment soon on what will replace that event.

Have you checked out the 2007 KRA/NCMP Sponsors lately?

4/15/07 - Coming up is the Route 66 Sprint Series which had an excellent turnout at NCMP in 2006 with some great racing! The Route 66 Sprint Series will be at NCMP April 21st and 22nd. Lots of great Briggs, Yamaha, HPV and TaG Classes are offered with all classes on Bridgestone YHC tires. The Route 66 Series has really grown fast in just a couple years based on a great reputation.  

4/5/07 - There will be no Kid Kart practice on Saturday morning with the temps supposed to be in the low 20's.

4/4/07 - The weather forecast for Saturday looks to be worse than it was yesterday. The latest forecast calls for a high of 37 on Saturday with snow flurries. So with this latest information the KRA Series will postpone the April 7th race until later in the year. Have a great Easter holiday.

4/3/07 - Currently the weather forecast calls for possible record cold temperatures beginning Wednesday through the Easter weekend. If this forecast remains the same for the April 7th (Round 2) of the KRA Series then the race will be rescheduled for a later date. If the race is cancelled the track will be open for practice but will close at 5pm if the temps stay in the 30's. A final decision will be made no later than 3pm Thursday April 5th. Any questions please contact Mike Adams or Karen at NCMP 765-987-8090. The Racer's Grill will be open on Thursday thru Saturday.

3/31/07 - Starting Thursday April 5th the Racer's Grill will be open on Thursday's and Friday's from 11am until 5 or 6pm depending on business. Thank you for your support of our restaurant. We hope this will add convenience to your visits to NCMP.

3/26/07 - To help speed up the registration line on Sunday April 1st we will not be taking KRA Memberships on raceday morning. Please take care of your memberships before the April 1st race or wait until later in the day on April 1st. Also the pre-entry online form is up and going if you wish to enter online.

3/19/07 - All garages are available for move in for garage owners. NCMP is open daily from 10am to 8pm for open practice.

2/27/07 - An update on Terry Adams - Terry is still in the ICU at Methodist. He had surgery on his pelvis, left arm and spine they also finished up the amputation on his left leg. He was taken off the ventilator but had to be put back on, they hope to remove the ventilator for good in the next couple days. Terry has been sedated for the most part but has been able to talk and communicate a little bit.

2/17/07 - Terry Adams, father of NCMP track manager Mike Adams, was severely injured after being struck by an out of control car on Tuesday morning. Terry stopped to help a stranger push her stuck car out of the snow covered median when he was hit standing next to the road. Terry was Lifelined to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. He had surgery on Tuesday to stop internal bleeding and had another surgery on Friday on his spine and pelvis. Please keep Terry and the entire Adams family in your thoughts and prayers. Terry has done a lot of the wood work out at NCMP including the shop counter and trophy cases, he is an awesome carpenter and has done it out of the kindness of his heart.

2/1/07 - The 2007 Membership forms have been mailed out to all our 2006 members, the form has also been added to the website. The 2007 Schedule has been updated as well as the 2007 Pre-Entry mail in form.

Opening weekend schedule is as follows:

           Saturday March 17th

9:00 to 12:00 - Novice drivers and less experienced Junior and Senior drivers Only

12:00 to 1:00 - Worker Lunch Break

1:05 to Dusk -Track open to all drivers Juniors and Seniors separated as necessary

           Sunday March 18th

Same schedule as Saturday

 **Opening weekend will not have kid kart practice**

 The following weekend Saturday March 24 and Sunday March 25

          8:00 to 11:00 Kid Kart Practice and Junior Novice

Class Updates

With an increasing number of new karters both young and old and the TAG class becoming more popular, KRA will be offering a new class known as TAG Sportsman with the following rules:

Eligible Motors – See KRA TAG Master motor list
Bridgestone YHC Tires 450 / 710 x 5
Any Chassis
Weight – See KRA TAG Master weights

Any driver 45 years or older is eligible for this class indefinitely regardless of KRA wins or championships.  Any driver 16 years old up to age 44 will be ineligible for this class if they have previously won a KRA class championship or have a KRA race win. 

Unlimited class will no longer have any weight requirements or motor tech.  Some engine formulas will require 4 wheel brakes.  If you have any questions about this please see the class page for complete rules.

We will also be offering a Junior Novice class just as we had in 2006, which will run in conjunction with Cadet Junior Sportsman. 

The race rotation for 2007 will be the same for all races there will not be a Rotation 1 and 2. 

HPV 3 Motors will be allowed to compete with the Yamaha Senior Pipe Class.  It will be scored as one class.  The Tech will be the same as used Nationally.  Typically the Yamaha Pipes are quicker at the National races when compared to the HPV 3 Formula. Weight is the same for both engines.

1/19/07 - Happy New Year! NCMP and KRA are working hard behind the scenes for the 2007 season, new entry forms, membership applications and more will be out soon! Also we have new photos of the new garages and clubhouse at NCMP! See the bottom of the track gallery page!

11/27/06 - The 2007 NCMP Schedule is now on the website. The schedule is tentative but very close to being finalized.

11/27/06 - KRA has posted a rules update for Kid Karts for 2007, if you intend on running Kid Karts in 2007 please see the tech update.

11/10/06 - NCMP's last open day for the season will be this Sunday November 12th. NCMP will be open 10am to 6pm Sunday and will be closed until next year after this Sunday. Thank you all for another successful and exciting year at NCMP.

Additional photos from the 200 can be seen here.

10/20/06 - Photos from the 2006 200 are now online.

Final KRA Points with drops are now posted, please double check your points. A lot of work was put into making sure the points are accurate but mistakes can happen.

10/19/06 - The 2006 KRA Series Banquet will be held on Saturday, November 4th. We have mailed out to all our members the Banquet Form, please mail or fax them back ASAP if you plan on attending the banquet or not. If you have not recieved the form please contact us.

Beginning Thursday, October 19th NCMP's hours will be 10am to 6pm everyday. NCMP will close at 6pm.

10/16/06 - The eagle trophy that Ricky Rudd and Paulie Harraka received for winning the 2006 200 is now on display at NASCAR headquarters!

10/16/06 - The 200 is now in the history books. A huge THANK YOU to everyone that made this event possible including, SpeedTV, Bridgestone, Dreyer Reinbold Mini Cooper, 1070 WIBC,,, Doc Nesbitt for his generous addition to the purse, all the teams and competitors, all the fans that made it out (unofficially around 1500!), and most importantly all the track volunteers without which this event could not happen. Congratulations to RH Racing/ with drivers Paulie Harraka and NASCAR driver Ricky Rudd for their win on Sunday at the 200. With less than 24 hours after the end of the event we are already working on making the event better for everyone and looking forward to the Fourth 200! Look for future announcements regarding format, sponsorships and news. Thank you again to everyone who helped make this event possible. Results are posted online.

10/13/06 - News Radio 1070AM WIBC will be out at NCMP Sunday from 8am to Noon doing a live remote before the 200.

10/12/06 - We are printing a program for the endurance race with the complete entry list, make sure your team is complete and any TBA's are either deleted or the drivers name added. We MUST have the info no later than tomorrow (Friday) morning.

Final year end points for the 2006 KRA Series are now posted.

10/10/06 - Any drivers in the 200 under the age of 18 MUST have a Parent or LEGAL Guardian sign the release form before they can be on track!

Here is the race story and results from last years 200 Lap Endurance Race.

10/9/06 - will be broadcasting the 200 live on the internet this coming Sunday! Also tonight (Monday) at 8pm hear an interview with Mark Dismore Sr. about the 200! Race Fan Radio Website

10/5/06 - The entry list for the 2006 200 has met and exceeded our expectations. Due to the number of teams that have signed up for the race we have had to make a decision on how many karts we can reasonably start as well as safety pit. The fastest 50 teams in qualifying will automatically make the race. We will add 6 more teams to the race through a last chance race that will have a race distance of 20 laps. This will give us a 56 kart starting field for the 200.

Qualifying will be 5 karts at a time on track and each kart will get 3 timed laps. If you have a mechanical problem during your qualifying attempt and fail to post a time you will have to run the last chance race to make the 200.

We have had some questions on clarifying some rules, in the interest of clearing up any confusion and making the race the absolute fairest that we can we have further outlined and clarified the most asked questions below, please read the entire rules page as well!

Concerning Weight – All money paying positions at the end of the 200 will be required to weigh in following the race with a full tank of fuel. No ankle weights, lead belts etc. will be allowed at any time, all forms of ballast MUST be attached to the kart and not the driver.

Engine Rules – All money paying positions will be subject to post race engine tech. The 200 will base all tech off of the TaG USA engine rules and all engines MUST conform to those rules. WKA/STARS engine rules are not the same as TaG USA!

Fuel – All fuel MUST pass WKA fuel tech. Be aware that random fuel testing in the pits during the race will take place at any time.

Tires – Slick Tires MUST be Bridgestone YHC’s 450x5 fronts, 710x5 rears, random checking will take place at any time. Any rain tires used during the race MUST be any compound of Bridgestone rain tires.  

Revised Schedule -

Practice - 8am to 9:15am
Qualifying - 9:30am to 10:30am
Last Chance Race - 10:50am 200 - 12:00pm

NCMP will be open Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th from 10am to 7pm for any teams wishing to practice for the 200.

FREE SPECTATOR ADMISSION FOR THE 200! Pitpasses also sold at the track.

10/4/06 - The 2006 200 Mile Endurance Race at New Castle Motorsports Park will be recorded and televised on SpeedTV. The Endurance race will be condensed into a 30 minute show and will be formally known as the 200. A great deal of appreciation goes out to Robo-Pong for their faith in the sport of karting and the belief that this is and will be the one karting event each year to promote our sport of karting to the public.

Dreyer and Reinbold Mini Cooper will be the official pace car of the RoboPong 200. Dreyer and Reinbold Mini will have Mini Coopers on display at NCMP and they have also contributed money to the purse!

For additional information on Robo-Pong visit

10/2/06 - The Entry List for the endurance race has been updated with kart numbers. We will have a small program made with kart numbers so PLEASE run the number assigned. Also if you have "Both Options Taken" next to your Team Name, contact us to assign a different number. If you have not entered the race yet you can enter online here. Enduro Rules Here.

9/27/06 - Bridgestone-Firestone has stepped up and has contributed money for the TaG Endurance Race purse. Bridgestone-Firestone will have a really cool display at the TaG Endurance race as well.

9/26/06 - Entries keep pouring in to the 200 Lap Endurance Race, we have 45 teams entered, which is already more than STARTED the race last year! An updated entry list is online. Also one of the competitors of the Endurance race is raising money for the Ethan Michael Smith Foundation, please visit their website if you are interested in helping them out, they are taking pledges per mile or a specified donation.

9/25/06 - Round 13 of the KRA Series was a great turnout despite overcast skies and below normal temps! Results have been posted. This coming Sunday is Round #14, the season finale for the 2006 KRA Series season. We hope to see everyone there! You can preenter online.

9/18/06 - Round #13 of the KRA Series will be running at NCMP this coming Sunday. Only two more races remain for the KRA Series in 2006! You can preenter online.

9/11/06 - The TaG Racing World Championships are coming up fast on October 6th-8th. See the TaG Racing website for more information and entry forms.

9/7/06 - An early entry list for the 2006 TaG Endurance Race at NCMP is online. We will update the list as we get entries. We are already well ahead of last year in terms of teams that have signed up with just over a month until the TaG Enduro. We also have a lot of new teams entered this year. Please go ahead and enter your teams now so we can get things organized, we will not be running any cards until the week of the endurance event. We have updated some of the rules and you can enter online.

9/5/06 - SIRA will be at NCMP this Sunday, Saturday will be open practice for all karters. Come on out for great time with the SIRA! SIRA Website

8/22/06 - NCMP has made a decision regarding ther October 15th 200 Mile Endurance race. This year's race will be TaG only, this is a final decision and will not be overturned or modified. If you intend on running the race please enter ASAP as we are trying to get organized with our driver lineups and pit assignments as well as promoting the event to the general public. This event has a huge potential to be a high visibility race. Not only with the karter but the public as well but we need your cooperation. We are expecting several drivers from other racing series again this year including Dan Wheldon and Scott Dixon as well as some other drivers who have expressed interest. We have also had kart teams contact us from all over the USA. Please go ahead and enter your teams now so we can get things organized, we will not be running any cards until the week of the endurance event. We have updated some of the rules and you can enter online.

8/3/06 - The 2006 Race for Riley was another huge success, a special thanks to all the karters and spectators who help support this very important event. Tony Stewart was on hand for autographs and also waved the checkered for the Kid Kart feature, Eddie Cheever signed autographs and even raced in the 125cc Shifter class! Vitor Meira and Sarah Fisher were on hand as well signing autographs as well as John Andretti who helps make this event possible. Rupert from Survivor also made an apperance and hundreds of spectators and fans were on hand along with lots of local media and WIBC 1070AM was live from 4pm to 7pm. Results from the 2006 Race for Riley are online.

8/1/06 - Here is the Race for Riley schedule in a jpeg format - Page 1 - Page 2

7/26/06 - The 2006 Race for Riley schedule is now posted in PDF. Click Here

7/24/06 - Results are up from a great day or racing and awesome weather at NCMP for the 8th Round of the KRA Series. NCMP will be back in action this Sunday again with the KRA Series. Preenter online.

7/18/06 - Round #8 of the KRA Series is this Sunday! Preenter online.

Results from Round 7 are now posted.

7/11/06 - The KRA Series returns to action at NCMP this Sunday! You can preenter online.

Reminder - The 2006 Race for Riley's Children Hospital will be held Wednesday August 2nd, 2006. This event has been very popular the last 2 years with hundreds of spectators, NASCAR drivers on hand signing autographs, WIBC radio on site, celebrity karting race and 7 racing kart classes competing for cash and prizes! This is a great chance to help out a great cause and have a lot of fun as well. We hope to see a huge turnout for all of the pro classes, any class with less than 20 entries will be dropped from the event so please get your entries in ASAP, preentries must be in by July 24th. Race for Riley website.

7/5/06 - The KRA Points are now updated.

6/26/06 - A great weekend of racing took place at NCMP this weekend with the KRA Series double header. The track was run in the backwards configuration which made for some close and exciting racing. Saturday evening featured a Dash for Cash for the Junior and Senior classes for the top 3 finishers for the day. Josef Newgarden and John Dixon took the fast time on the NCMP rental karts for a $100 payday. The KRA Series is off for the next two weeks with the OVKA club running at NCMP on Saturday July 8th. Results are online.

6/23/06 - The KRA Points are now updated.

Please help support all of the 2006 KRA Series Sponsors!

6/19/06 - This weekend the KRA Series will be running a double header including the makeup race from March 26th when the race was snowed out. The track will be ran backwards and we will NOT allow any practice on the backwards layout until raceday, should make for an exciting and unpredictable race weekend! You can preenter for both races online.

6/10/06 - The 2006 Race for Riley's Children Hospital will be held Wednesday August 2nd, 2006. This event has been very popular the last 2 years with hundreds of spectators, NASCAR drivers on hand signing autographs, WIBC radio on site, celebrity karting race and 7 racing kart classes competing for cash and prizes! This is a great chance to help out a great cause and have a lot of fun as well. We hope to see a huge turnout for all of the pro classes, any class with less than 20 entries will be dropped from the event so please get your entries in ASAP, preentries must be in by July 24th. Race for Riley website.

6/9/06 - KID KART ANNOUNCEMENT - Effective for this weekends Race #5 on 6/11/06 we will be changing our kid kart program in respect to the time of day that the class is on track. All kid kart practice, qualifying and feature will take place during the 1 hour lunch break. The approximate time will be 12:30pm to 1:30pm. Kid karts will no longer run in the morning on KRA racedays.

30 minutes of practice, 10 minutes of qualiying, 10 lap feature race

6/6/06 - Thanks to everyone who made it out Sunday for the KRA Series race. Sunday will be Round #5 for the KRA Series. You can preenter online as always. Results from Round #4 are online.

5/30/06 - This weekend will be Round 4 of the KRA Series, you can preenter online.

5/26/06 - The make up race for KRA's March 26th snow out will be June 24th and 25th. This will be a double header weekend now. This will also be a backwards race weekend. Time permitting at the end of Saturday's reacing we will have a special event for the top 3 finishers in classes with 10 or more entries excluding Kid Karts and Jr. Sportsman/Cadet.

5/25/06 - All Spec Tag Racers - I need to clarify a issue that came up at our last race which was in the rain. During rain events only, you are allowed to use bolt on front hubs of your choice, FRONT ONLY. You may turn your rain tire wheels around on the hub to narrow the rear track width but you MUST use the long hub only that comes stock on the Spec TaG. This was a miscommunication on my part. I am sorry for any problems this may have caused.

5/11/06 - Points for the KRA Series are posted.

5/8/06 - For any KRA Series TaG competitors looking to run the STARS TaG class May 19th-21st you must call Grand Products to secure your YHC spec tires for the weekend. If you call Grand Products and tell them that you are KRA member they will waive the tire late fee. Grand Products phone 215-244-1940. Remember that the STARS TaG class is limited to Leopard, PRD and Easykart engines only.

5/8/06 - Last weekend's Midwest Sprint Series Divisional drew a record crowd along with some awesome races. Results are online.

This weekend is the third round of the KRA Series. You can preenter online.

5/2/06 - The results from the Great Lakes Sprint Series are online. This coming weekend will see the Midwest Sprint Series WKA Divisional at NCMP. Lots of great competition and classes, many of which overlap KRA Series classes including tire compounds! Midwest Sprint Website

4/17/06 - After a wet track in the morning, the clouds lifted and a great day of sun and karting was on hand. With a record crowd the opening round of the KRA Series put on some great on track racing! Results from this weekend's race are online.

The KRA Series will no longer offer Briggs Junior due to low participation in the 2005 season and no entries so far in 2006. The class may be offered again in the future after 2006 with the Animal and F200 engines becoming more popular.

4/10/06 - It looks like this coming Saturday's weather is poor snow man making weather but great karting weather for the opening round of the KRA Series. You can preenter online.

4/4/06 - This weekend is the first race for SIRA 2006 season. See SIRA's website for classes and rules.

The Route 66 Series results from last weekend are available online.

3/24/06 - Race Updates for the Route 66 Series -

The Route 66 Series is now a TaG USA Worlds Qualifier Race.

Qualifying has been moved back to 3pm to give more time before dark on Saturday from 5pm.

Please note that Indiana will be changing to Daylight Savings Time at 2am on Sunday morning April 2nd, the morning BEFORE the race on Sunday. Indiana will be on Eastern Daylight Savings Time meaning that we will jump forward one hour.

3/23/06 - The KRA Series Round #1 for this Sunday has been POSTPONED for a later date. With rain and snow leading up to this weekend, cold high temperatures and the runoff areas being muddy we feel it would be best not to race this weekend. The track WILL BE open for practice all weekend with Kid Kart Practice from 8am to 10am Saturday and Sunday with open practice from 10am to dark both days. Hopefully mother nature will cooperate better next weekend for the Route 66 Series. The KRA Series is next scheduled for Saturday April 15th.

Next weekend will be the Route 66 Series, a great regional series with Saturday April 1st being practice and qualifying and Sunday April 2nd for the Prefinal and Final. You CAN enter on Sunday (Race Day) and start at the tail of the Prefinal. Route 66 Flyer

3/21/06 - Due to inclimate weather and cold temperatures forecast for this weekend we MAY postpone this weekends KRA Series race for a later date. We will make an announcement one way or another on Thursday.

3/20/06 - NCMP is open daily for open practice from 10am to dark. Come join us this weekend for the first round of the KRA Series! You can preenter online. Also Saturday April 1st and Sunday April 2nd will be the Route 66 regional series which is shaping up to be a huge show! Route 66 Flyer

3/16/06 - NCMP will reopen this Saturday! The KRA Series first race of 2006 will be ran on Sunday March 26th, you can preenter online.

3/1/06 - The site has been totally updated for 2006 season with new membership forms, schedule, race rotations and classes.

2/28/06 - All drivers 5-12 years old MUST use an SFI approved ribvest while on track at NCMP and for all KRA Series events. New nationwide rules require the stronger SFI rated ribvests for those ages for increased safety.

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